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Chamber Series Concert - October 1, 2023
Local Connections

Samuel Barber

Samuel Barber was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania in 1910. He began studying the piano at the age of six and at age seven composed his first work. The String Quartet in B minor was written in 1936. The Canzone for flute and piano was created in 1961 and is Barber’s arrangement of the second movement from his Piano Concerto, composed in the same year.

Samuel Barber.jpg

Samuel Barber in 1944

Gary Shocker

Gary Shocker, born in Easton, Pennsylvania in 1959, is a flutist, pianist, and composer. Regrets and Resolutions was written in 1986 as a recital piece for his own performances as a flutist.

Gary Shocker.jpg

Vince Iannone


Vince Iannone has several music degrees from West Chester University and has taught and played in the area for over 35 years. He is the former Principal Clarinet for Delaware County Symphony. His Tango Familiare is a woodwind quintet.

Vince Iannone.jpg

Vince Iannone

Gary Shocker

Isaac Albéniz/arr. Joseph Lorini

Chants d’Espagne (Songs of Spain) was originally composed for piano by Isaac Albéniz in the 1890’s. Local composer, Joseph Lorini, is conducting his arrangement of the piece for chamber orchestra.

Isaac Albeniz.jpg

Isaac Albéniz in 1901

Joseph Lorini.jpg

Joseph Lorini

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