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The Delaware County Symphony (DCS) was established in 1971, when the orchestra changed its name from the Media Community Symphony. In 1975, the DCS merged with the Springfield Sinfonietta, and Roman Pawlowski was selected as the music director of this combined group the following year. The DCS operated under the sponsorship of the Delaware County Community College until 1987, when the DCS moved to the Life Center at Neumann College (now Neumann University) in Aston, Pa.


Mr. Pawlowski retired in 2010, and was succeeded by Jeremy Gill. In 2013, Dr. Gill relocated to Boston and Tim Ribchester served as interim music director until 2015. Joseph Caminiti was selected as music director the following year, but resigned in 2019. Sebastian Grand was appointed music director of the DCS in 2021.


Over the years, the DCS has performed at various regional venues, including the Kimmel Center Perelman Theater, Wilmington Grand Opera House, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Media Theatre, and Rose Tree Park. The DCS has also provided small ensemble performances at regional places of worship, parks, and commercial properties.


The DCS was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 1988. It is governed by a Board of Directors whose members are elected from individuals both within and outside of the symphony orchestra.

Performance in November 2008 at the Kimmel Center Perelman Theater

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